I flew a plane today!

August 14, 2016

Hey, friends! So something exciting happened this weekend. I went flying! No, I did not do the takeoff nor the landing, but I did get to maneuver the plane a bit. Pretty exciting TBH! Here is a picture of the Golden Gate bridge…in black & white! There is one more picture of the city at the end of this post.

It was honestly easier than I had imagined. Not the takeoff/landing…that went over my head. The maneuver. The weather was clear skies, so I didn’t really have to focus too much on the gauges. Looking out I could easily tell if we were turning, in level with the ground, etc. Not sure I want to a license yet. Might do a few more of these before committing. In fact, I’d recommend anyone thinking about it to do a couple of these first. I can see people getting bored after 2-3 times.

As promised, here is that amazing picture I took of the beautiful city :)