Visiting Hikkaduwa & Galle Dutch Fort, Sri Lanka

The last segment of my trip was to have a relaxing time by the beaches of Hikkaduwa and visit the historic Dutch fort, Galle. Surprisingly, there were lots of foreigners in Hikkaduwa and the beaches were actually mostly foreigners. The few locals I did see were either working at the hotels or restaurants on those beaches or selling food and drinks. However, this population is fairly diverse so not sure you’ll be meeting people from your own countries.

Riding the Rikshaw through the streets of Hikkaduwa

Our hotel was not on a beachfront, and this was ok. The hotel itself organizes weekend parties that go on till the morning, and its free entry for guests. As for our beach needs, a friend owned a hotel & restaurant nearby (Hotel Blue Note). We would just chill there enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean.

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Sigiriya & Dambulla Cave Temple / The Golden Temple, Sri Lanka

The goal for today was to climb two hills: The Sigiriya & the Dambulla Cave Temple hill. We decided to go climb Sigiriya in the morning first, come back to the hotel and freshen up & checkout, eat something light, then go climb the temple hills. Seemed like a good idea, and it was…just a little tiring.

The first thing we had to do was buy entry tickets, and being an Indian meant I get the tickets at half rate, which was pretty cool. For those wondering, what exactly is Sigiriya? For starters, its this rock below.


The rock is surrounded by ancient ruins of a city, and the top of the rock used to be a fort. Much of the architecture is in ruins today, but the foundation is still well maintained. The walk to the rock was through this “city”.

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Train From Colombo To Kandy, Sri Lanka

We decided to take the train from Colombo to Kandy since we heard the views were pretty unique to the train. This turned out to be very true. The first 30min or so was just normal farmlands or flatlands, but as we got closer to Kandy, as you will see later in this post, the landscape was simply breathtaking.

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Sunshine Coast & Crystal Waters, Queensland

It’s Christmas and we head out to the second part of our trip to Sunshine Coast. Being a group of 7, we decide it’s better to rent out some cabin in the woods rather than stay in some hotel. Best decision ever. Since check-in was late (around 4PM) our first stop was trying to find breakfast. Of course, we forgot it’s Christmas so everything will be closed. To our disappointing arrival at some breakfast place somewhere close to Sunshine Coast, we decided to find some Asian place for lunch instead. After all, Asians (south Asians included) love money, so it’s not in our blood to close store unless we are going out of the country.

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North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

One cheap way to get to the island from the mainland is via the Stradbroke Ferries. At just $15 per person for a roundtrip, its not bad. Transporting a car is also possible but at a much steeper price (I think a little over $100 for a roundtrip), and it only makes sense in my opinion if you have a 4WD over a regular 2WD. Once on the island, you can make use of the local bus to get around some popular spots. A group of the 5 of us were staying at Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre. The center itself offer some really awesome activities like Scuba diving and access to a pretty cool beach front.

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Using ASP Localization with Angular2 +

You already have a ASP.Net project with Localization all set up and localized. Sure, you could convert the resx files and use Internationalization (i18n) built into Angular 2+. Well, another option is to keep the whole setup the same, and still let the server-side handle everything. This small tutorial won’t go over date and time, only string localization. Keep in mind you will not be loading all languages, rather only the one the browser is set to. So if for reasons you wanted to load all languages, for example, no refresh language change, this approach will need some modifications.

The prereqs are that you already have a project set up with your localization file already being used. An example is on any cshtml page, you should simply be able to localize using LocalizationProjectName.The_Key. Moving on, you also have an angular 2+ project already set up. If you don’t, you could use a seed project to test this out.

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Visiting Melbourne – The City

Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia, and a place I have completely fallen in love with! Our first stop? Our hotel with a view! Apartments Melbourne Domain – CBD Paris End on 27 Little Collins Street.


Check-in was straightforward, no hassles whatsoever. Other amazing views were the St Patrick’s Cathedral & The Parliament Building.

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