Visiting Hikkaduwa & Galle Dutch Fort, Sri Lanka

The last segment of my trip was to have a relaxing time by the beaches of Hikkaduwa and visit the historic Dutch fort, Galle. Surprisingly, there were lots of foreigners in Hikkaduwa and the beaches were actually mostly foreigners. The few locals I did see were either working at the hotels or restaurants on those beaches or selling food and drinks. However, this population is fairly diverse so not sure you’ll be meeting people from your own countries.

Riding the Rikshaw through the streets of Hikkaduwa

Our hotel was not on a beachfront, and this was ok. The hotel itself organizes weekend parties that go on till the morning, and its free entry for guests. As for our beach needs, a friend owned a hotel & restaurant nearby (Hotel Blue Note). We would just chill there enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean.

The beach, to be honest, is like most beaches, just not as crowded while I was there. It is beautiful nonetheless and very relaxing.

NOTE: To see higher quality pictures, simply click on it 🙂

Night time was pretty colorful and chill as well. In case you wanted to party, there are clubs just around the corner. There’s just one problem that seemed to be common in the area. If a local guy is hitting on someone, just avoid trying on the same person while the dudes. Apparently, they will get into fights! Especially if you’re brown. And they usually aren’t alone…just in case you think you can fight him 😉

The next day was to check out the Galle Dutch Fortress. It’s a beautiful fort built by the Portuguese, later further fortified by the Dutch. The outside of the walls is the city of Galle…which was crowded. Luckily the inside wasn’t crowded at all.

You don’t need any vehicle to move inside the walls. Streets are narrow, and the fort itself is not too big. You will see a lot of bikes though, guessing from the people who live here. Remember, clicking on the image should bring up a higher-res pic.

If you enjoy history and the architecture, you’ll love this place. There’s quite a few government buildings, various religious buildings, and a lighthouse. Some amazing views of the ocean too.

And this is it. One side of Sri Lanka done! I do need to come back to visit the rest though. As the picture below shows, the south, east, and the north are still left. I guess I have a reason to visit again. In case you missed it:

Sigiriya & Dambulla Cave Temple / The Golden Temple & Train From Colombo To Kandy posts.

Sri Lanka Map

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