Train From Colombo To Kandy, Sri Lanka

We decided to take the train from Colombo to Kandy since we heard the views were pretty unique to the train. This turned out to be very true. The first 30min or so was just normal farmlands or flatlands, but as we got closer to Kandy, as you will see later in this post, the landscape was simply breathtaking.

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Sunshine Coast & Crystal Waters, Queensland

It’s Christmas and we head out to the second part of our trip to Sunshine Coast. Being a group of 7, we decide it’s better to rent out some cabin in the woods rather than stay in some hotel. Best decision ever. Since check-in was late (around 4PM) our first stop was trying to find breakfast. Of course, we forgot it’s Christmas so everything will be closed. To our disappointing arrival at some breakfast place somewhere close to Sunshine Coast, we decided to find some Asian place for lunch instead. After all, Asians (south Asians included) love money, so it’s not in our blood to close store unless we are going out of the country.

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North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

One cheap way to get to the island from the mainland is via the Stradbroke Ferries. At just $15 per person for a roundtrip, its not bad. Transporting a car is also possible but at a much steeper price (I think a little over $100 for a roundtrip), and it only makes sense in my opinion if you have a 4WD over a regular 2WD. Once on the island, you can make use of the local bus to get around some popular spots. A group of the 5 of us were staying at Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre. The center itself offer some really awesome activities like Scuba diving and access to a pretty cool beach front.

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Visiting Melbourne – The City

Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia, and a place I have completely fallen in love with! Our first stop? Our hotel with a view! Apartments Melbourne Domain – CBD Paris End on 27 Little Collins Street.


Check-in was straightforward, no hassles whatsoever. Other amazing views were the St Patrick’s Cathedral & The Parliament Building.

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Visiting Melbourne – The Great Ocean Road

We slept at 2am and had to wake up by 7am? Not happening. Although we had these glorious plans of waking up early, having amazing breakfast, then heading out to the stop where our bus would pick us up from…I guess things don’t always go as planned. Our morning started off with getting to breakfast 30min before our pickup time for the tour. No time to relax and enjoy the meal, which we could have done since the bus was nearly 30 minutes late anyway. Ah well.

Due to stuff, everything started off 30-60minutes late with the tour. However, our guide (let’s call him R…I’m pretty bad at remembering names, sorry) did a pretty good job catching up. The second problem of the day was a mixup for the location of our lunch. So instead of backtracking, R decided to go another hour, to a different location for lunch.

We finally reach our first stop on this trip —Kafe KoalaKennett River. We get to eat lunch…and play with birds and see the Koalas…real close.

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Salt Pans of Botswana Day 2 – Makgadikgadi Pans

In case you missed it, here’s day 1 of this trip. Mornings include getting up, brushing your teeth (or eating food first…no one’s judging), freshening up in general, and having breakfast. So did ours, plus a good 30 minutes of taking pictures of everyone. Each tent had a small foldable bucket filled with hot water. Outside was super cold, so that hot water plus the fire pit really does feel nice.

Our goal for the day? To see as many animals as possible — especially cats! Day 1 was ok, but I guess everyone wanted to see at least one cat. We head back to the man-made waterhole one more time to see if we get lucky there. No luck, sadly. So next stop? Makgadikgadi Pans! Read More

Salt Pans of Botswana Day 1 – Nxai Pans

It’s 4am as we prepare to leave for an adventure into the salts, which was my first time even though I’ve lived in this country for 17 years! And like every trip I’ve had with family and family friends, this too, was following the “Indian Standard Time.” The idea was to get make sure the safari cars meet us there by 4:30AM so we can leave by 5AM. Instead 4:30 is when some of our friends were waking up…ah well. We did finally leave by 6AM though haha. As the drive starts, it gets cold…really cold. Since the car is open, the air is chill, and we are moving relatively fast.

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