Salt Pans of Botswana Day 1 – Nxai Pans

It’s 4am as we prepare to leave for an adventure into the salts, which was my first time even though I’ve lived in this country for 17 years! And like every trip I’ve had with family and family friends, this too, was following the “Indian Standard Time.” The idea was to get make sure the safari cars meet us there by 4:30AM so we can leave by 5AM. Instead 4:30 is when some of our friends were waking up…ah well. We did finally leave by 6AM though haha. As the drive starts, it gets cold…really cold. Since the car is open, the air is chill, and we are moving relatively fast.

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Sunset Boat Ride in Maun, Botswana

I’m currently in Maun, Botswana (parents live here) and thought I would share, in a series of blog posts, things to do here 🙂 For my first post, let’s take a boat ride to see the sunset of Botswana! There are many places which take you on a boat ride down the Thamalakane River, which connects to the Okavango Delta. An example is the Old Bridge Backpackers, or what I used in my case, Island Safari Lodge. You can’t go wrong with many of the options available. Whether it’s a two-hour trip to see the sunset or a long day trip into the Okavango Delta.

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Angular 2 CLI – Extract Hash Value

Hey, all! In this post, I’m just going to quickly show you how you could extract the hash that’s generated using angular 2’s CLI to build with the any of the productions build flags.

ng build --target=production --environment=prod
ng build --prod --env=prod
ng build --prod

For starters, why does cli add this random string in the generated files? The simple answer is what we call cache-busting. Leaving what cache is, and what it means to cache-bust for you to research on your own. So it’s great and all, but even if you’re using the cli, you’re not necessarily using its index.html file for anything. You might have your own way of inserting these generated files into your application. Which also means you’ll need to know the file name.

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