Salt Pans of Botswana Day 2 – Makgadikgadi Pans

In case you missed it, here’s day 1 of this trip. Mornings include getting up, brushing your teeth (or eating food first…no one’s judging), freshening up in general, and having breakfast. So did ours, plus a good 30 minutes of taking pictures of everyone. Each tent had a small foldable bucket filled with hot water. Outside was super cold, so that hot water plus the fire pit really does feel nice.

Our goal for the day? To see as many animals as possible — especially cats! Day 1 was ok, but I guess everyone wanted to see at least one cat. We head back to the man-made waterhole one more time to see if we get lucky there. No luck, sadly. So next stop? Makgadikgadi Pans!

A big shout out to our amazing drivers and guides, Glenn & Lenty.

In case you didn’t know, The Makgadikgadi Pan is one of the largest salt flats in the world. Sadly we didn’t go that far in, so no shots of the landscape. So here’s a whole bunch of Elephant shots, since there’s so many of them here.

During the dry season, the atmosphere is completely different from the wet season. I’d say visit both times! The desolation of the dry season, and migration of birds and animals in the wet season, when the lakes become full of water. Both sights? Amazing! As we go on, we do indeed see a lot more animals. Like the zebras & wildebeests.

There’s also a lot of birds, so bird watcher rejoice. Other than the vulture, eagle, and ostriches I don’t really know bird names 😀 However, look at the size of that ostrich and look at the babies!!

As we approach the end of this trip, here are a few more animals, living in harmony. As well as a sneak of the landscape and what safari cars look like from afar.

The last thing to do is cross the river on a ferry. With this, comes an end to our awesome 2-day trip 🙂 Sadly, no lions or cheetahs 😦

You can always check out a full range of higher quality pictures at my 500PX Gallery or

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